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Welcome to The Category Formerly Known as Other: links to miscellaneous projects and pages (some a bit old) that reflect my various vocations and avocations. These days, I'm having most of my fun over at my other site, macilife.com, the companion Web site to my book/DVD, "The Macintosh iLife," covering iTunes, iPod, iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD.

QuickTime VR Panoramas
I'm a big fan of Apple's QuickTime VR immersive imaging technology, which I first wrote about in 1995.

I frequently participate in the Wrinkle in Time projects, in which QuickTime VR "panographers" around the world shoot panoramas at synchronized times (more details). I also host the Wrinkle email discussion list.

My Wrinkle contributions:

Navarro Point, Jan 1, 2000. Take a New Year's spin at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Music by Heid, too.

Another Day at the Beach? June Solstice, 1999. High-wire acrobatics from the California Department of Transportation.

Santa's Musical Men. December Solstice, 1998. Nighttime holiday decorations and an old soundtrack by my father, who did multimedia decades before the term existed.

Mendocino Morning. December Solstice, 1997. A small town on a sunny winter morning.

More Panoramas
Great Day in Elk, 1996. This small town knows how to party!

My No Back Roads site contains numerous panoramas -- see the Photo Albums that accompany each story.

You asked for it. Actually, you didn't. Music by Heid.

Time Does Fly (6MB MP3). A tune I wrote for my bride for our 18th anniversary. Includes samples of my dad and my dog.

A Slow Blues. (Shockwave required). A circa-1996 Web page containing a streaming audio blues performed by the Heid brothers. This was just a test page for the then-new Shockwave Audio format, but the tune is worth a listen.

Digital Effects and Software Synth Demos. Several MP3 files that demonstrate some of today's incredible software synthesizers and digital audio effects plug-ins. Linked here because its link on Macworld.com is broken.

The Mendocino Coast Weathercam
My Webcam, operating continuously since 1996. Check out the view from Heid's site.

No Back Roads: The Internet Meets Rural America
Think Internet access is ubiquitious? Think again, city slicker. A Web documentary in (excruciatingly slow) progress. Also see this article and this NY Times profile.

Point & Click Radio
I cohost this weekly computer radio show, which airs on the tiny Mendocino County Public Broadcasting. I also produce our streaming Webcasts.

When a maaaan loves a poodle...a paean to a swell dog. Featuring Virtual Trixie, a virtual reality movie of the world's best dog.


Heidsite > Fun Stuff

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